AI solution improves machine utilization, product quality, energy efficiency

AI solution improves machine utilization, product quality, energy efficiency

Teradyne companies Mobile Industrial Robots (MiR) and AutoGuide Mobile Robots have merged to become a single supplier of autonomous mobile robots (AMRs), one of the fastest growing segments in automation today. At the end of September, the integrated company officially became known as Mobile Industrial Robots (MiR), with long-time Teradyne executive Walter Vahey taking the helm as president. Headquarters will be in Odense, Denmark, where MiR has managed its global operations since its launch in 2013.

MiR develops and markets safe and collaborative mobile robots that can quickly, easily, and cost-effectively manage internal logistics, freeing up employees to perform higher-value activities. Prior to the merge, MiR offered a broad range of AMRs capable of carrying payloads and pallets up to 3000 pounds (1,350kg). By combining with AutoGuide, the portfolio will expand to include high payload AMR tuggers and forklifts that will operate on the MiRFleet software.

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MiR’s autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) can quickly, easily, and cost-effectively manage internal logistics, freeing employees for more valuable tasks.

According to Vahey, who led Teradyne’s acquisition of MiR in 2018 and AutoGuide a year later, customers in the global market for internal logistics are asking for a full product line of AMRs spanning low, medium, and high payload vehicles to automate material transport throughout the value chain. “By joining forces, we will uniquely meet our customers’ need for automation of internal logistics, from a single supplier offering easy to deploy, reliable, scalable AMRs with common fleet management software,” he says.

As part of Teradyne, these two companies have already been working together to develop a method for their AMRs to operate on the same fleet management software.

“This close collaboration accelerated the merger,” Vahey adds. “Being one organization helps ensure we deliver a broad AMR product line operating on a common fleet software to our customers.”

Company maintains massive global presence
The new combined company employs 450 employees, including 250 engineers. MiR is already well-established in the AMR market with more than 7,000 AMRs sold in more than 60 countries. The AMRs can pick up, transport, and deliver pallets or other loads automatically and safely in even highly dynamic environments, which is why they constitute a safe and efficient alternative to traditional automated guided vehicles (AGVs), forklifts, and pallet trucks.

The now merged company MiR has a global distribution network with more than 200 partners worldwide. In addition to its headquarters in Odense, Denmark, MiR has regional offices in Boston; Holbrook, New York; San Diego; Chelmsford, Massachusetts; Georgetown, Kentucky; Singapore; Frankfurt; Barcelona; Tokyo; Seoul, and Shanghai.

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