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Circulation of Hodan Hashi video leaves internet outraged

Hodan Hashi, a 23-year-old, died at LIT Nightclub on Sunday, November 6, 2022 at around 3 am. Since Hashi’s passing, Paige Theriault-Fisher has faced manslaughter charges and has been placed in custody. A video of Hashi’s brutal murder in a Saskatoon, Canada, nightclub has since been circulating online, leaving netizens disturbed.

A video of his brutal killing has gone viral online. Two women can be seen wrestling with each other while onlookers continued to watch the scene unravel, without helping. At one point, the women fell to the ground as one of them repeatedly struck the other in the face and neck and bashed her head on the floor.

Someone in the background could be heard yelling at the microphone- “We have ab***h fight on the dance floor.”

The two women continued to fight on the floor. Eventually, a pool of blood emerged, which was later identified to be that of Hodan Hashi’s. Sources claimed that law enforcement and paramedics attempted to save Hodan Hashi’s life. However, Hashi was pronounced dead at the scene.

As soon as the video of the young woman began circulating on social media, people took to Twitter to express their disgust at it. One Twitter user even said, “Death isn’t entertainment,” A sentiment that was shared by many others.

Tiktok is just… people are circulating the video of Hodan Hashi’s last moments as though she weren’t a person. Death isn’t entertainment and there should be no compulsion to seek out video evidence of it. My god. Give her family peace!

In an interview with CBC, an eyewitness revealed that it was evident that Hodan Hashi was severely injured when she fell on to the floor which was covered with broken glass. Other eyewitnesses revealed that security responded to the fight after the DJ announced that it was taking place through the speaker.

Someone also went on to pull the fire alarm which prompted people to rush out of the venue.

Paige Theriault-Fisher was charged with manslaughter. She was originally charged with second-degree murder, which was then changed to manslaughter following her arrest. She is currently being held in custody and awaits a bail hearing.

Netizens react to the alleged manslaughter of Hodan Hashi

Internet users were enraged following the brutal killing of the Ottawa native. Many found it outrageous that Paige Theriault-Fisher’s charges were reduced to manslaughter. Several internet users noted that the same would not have occurred if not for the aggressor’s race.

Some netizens expressed disappointment over the matter not getting enough traction across news publications. Meanwhile, others expressed concern over the fact that the video of the gruesome killing went viral on social media platforms.

Shocked by the video of how hodan hashi was “literally” slaughtered to death and how the people around her were just filming it & the dj was joking whilst hodan was in a pile of blood.Never think these people care about you! #somalia #mogadishu

TW: DeathPaige Theriault murdered Hodan Hashi and within hours her charge was reduced to manslaughter. If the roles were reversed, those charges would not have been reduced. She murdered her. This is wrong. I am angry. A WOC is dead and Justice cannot be served.

May Allah have mercy on Hodan Hashi. It’s so sad that people are posting her past pictures and the way she died. Have you no shame. Prophet (ﷺ )said, “When your companion dies, leave him alone without speaking badly about him.”

I can’t believe that Paige Theriault-Fisher was granted bail. I wish I never came across the video of what happened because it was horrific. How does a person murder someone in front of witnesses and get bail?! My heart is hurting for the family of Hodan Hashi.…

Just seen a video of a horrific black femicide circulating. An innocent black woman was brutally murdered at the hands of a white woman in Canada. Why is no one talking about this? Canadian feminists need to seek justice for Hodan Hashi!!!

If the girl sitting in the back of the police car was any other color than white. That charge woulda stayed at 2nd degree murder. Paige Theriault murdered Hodan Hashi and she deserves to rot for that

That video of the Paige girl stabbing Hodan Hashi in Saskatoon is wild. How did no one stop the fight with all that blood on the floor?? smh

the death video of Hodan hashi is probably one of the most scariest videos i’ve watched in my entire life why are people still posting it subhanallah

RIP Hodan Hashi. I can’t believe nobody pulled that girl off her… I just can’t. And for people to say Hodan shouldn’t have even been at the bar you should be disgusted and ashamed of yourself for even putting an ounce of blame on her. Paige should be locked up for life.

This past Saturday, Hodan Hashi was brutally murdered by Paige Theriault in a bar full of patrons that could have intervened. I want to be clear. This was never a fair fight. This was a brutal murder that occurred at a bar while a crowd watched.

If you see violence DO SOMETHING TO STOP IT , Hodan did not have to die but she was sorrounded by coward sa that silently watched.. I hope the bar gets charged especially the one that yelled “there’s ab fight on the dance floor” #hodanhashi

Saskatoon Police Service release statement following ghastly murder of Hadan Hashi

The police department announced that Fisher’s charges were reduced following a “preliminary investigation” of the murder. They added:

“As the investigation progressed and officers were able to view video from multiple sources and interview witnesses, the evidence instead supported a charge of manslaughter. To protect the integrity of this investigation, we are not able to elaborate on the details that are of evidentiary value against the accused.”

Police revealed that the victim and Fisher knew each other prior to their interaction at the nightclub. Law enforcement has asked people to turn their cellphone footage in to assist in the investigation.

The Saskatoon Police Department also revealed in their statement that they have been in regular contact with Hodan Hashi’s family and have extended support through victim services.


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