Fiber-optic internet coming to Oglesby – Shaw Local

Fiber-optic internet coming to Oglesby – Shaw Local

Surf InternetSM has announced plans for fiber-optic internet deployment in Oglesby.

The company will deliver its high-speed fiber network to nearly 2,000 addresses throughout the city, with construction on the project set to begin no later than March 2023.

“Many communities across the region have asked Surf to bring fiber-optic broadband to their area, but it was the visionary city leadership and elected officials in Oglesby that inspired a close partnership over the past three years and ultimately brought this project to life,” said Surf CEO Gene Crusie. “We are thrilled to be leading the next phase of this community’s incredible transformation.”

Following final network design and permitting later this year, residents will see crews begin to run fiber aerially between telephone poles and underground in some areas. Construction will take several months to complete and updates will be provided as things progress. The design plan includes the Illinois Valley Community College, as well as areas marked for future development by the city. A complete project boundary map will be available on Surf’s website at the start of construction.

“The city of Oglesby is excited to be working with Surf Internet to bring fiber-optic internet to residents and businesses,” said Oglesby Commissioner Jason Curran. “The ability to bring new technology to Oglesby that improves the lives of residents and expands on economic opportunities for current and future businesses might be one of the best parts of being in local government. Oglesby can’t wait to be one of the first cities in the Illinois Valley to step into this new era.”

“The opportunity to bring fiber-optic internet to the residents and businesses of Oglesby is a giant step for the city that will certainly lead to growth for all,” said Oglesby Mayor Dom Rivara.

Construction updates for all of their project areas can be found on the company’s website at


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