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Final Fantasy 14 Virtual Reality Mod Launches With Showcase

Talented mod developers for Final Fantasy 14 release unofficial Virtual Reality support, complete with a video that shows the city of Gridania in VR.

Final Fantasy 14 is unofficially receiving Virtual Reality support thanks to the efforts of a talented group of mod developers, allowing players to experience the world of Etheirys from a new perspective. Though Square Enix is ​​legally required to condemn the use of mods, add-ons, and other tools that alter the way the game is played, it has done little to thwart Final Fantasy 14 players from using them – allowing the modding scene to exist in a de-facto gray area.


The times when Square Enix took strong action against Final Fantasy 14 third party content often revolved around popular Twitch streamers either advertising or showcasing the mods and add-ons forbidden by the developers. This stance came at a surprise for many World of Warcraft players, due to Blizzard’s significantly more open stance on the use of add-ons. Though Square Enix might not ban someone from Final Fantasy 14 for using mods or talking about mods, talking about using mods is where it seems to cross the line.

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This VR adaptation of Final Fantasy 14 was developed by mod group Flat2VR, and it uses the FFXIV Quick Launcher to integrate itself into the game. HAS Final Fantasy 14 player named Elliott Tate posted the mod in action over on the game’s official subreddit, though one obviously can’t get the full experience through a video.

In terms of community reception, the mod seems to have glowing reviews thus far, with many players wondering what the experience would be like to take down Extreme Trials and other high-end boss fights from Final Fantasy 14 in VR. However, the game’s flashy visuals and overall cinematic direction in boss encounters might not mesh well with this idea in practice, as it might induce nausea as often as it would induce thrills.

It is important to mention that Final Fantasy 14 is planning a graphical overhaul for the expansion after Endwalker. Rumored to launch in early 2024, this expansion pack would see the game’s visuals reborn from the top-down. Improved lighting and shadows, character models, sky-boxes, clutter and environment detail – the whole of Etheirys is slated to receive a full makeover.

Thought Final Fantasy 14 managed to remain a visual treat even in 2022 with areas such as Elpis and Old Sharlayan, some of its aspects have aged rather poorly over the past decade. Most of its blocky, pixelated textures remain a relic of Final Fantasy 14‘s initial graphics downgrade for A Realm Reborn, and getting them updated officially will give the game a much-needed facelift. Whether players end up enjoying these visuals on their monitors or in a Virtual Reality will forever remain in their discretion.

Final Fantasy 14 is available now on PC, PS4, and PS5.

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