Google is making sure you see the most important search results on the energy crisis

Helping you survive one of the toughest winters in recent history

The world can be pretty ugly sometimes, but the ongoing energy cost crisis is definitely have a particularly nasty go at Europe. There’s a myriad of factors causing it — blame profiteering oil companies or whoever blew up the Nordstream pipeline to destabilize ally support for Ukraine in Russia’s war against the country. However we’ve gotten to this point, if you’re one of the many households making the daily choice to “heat or eat,” life has gotten tough enough. It’s important to keep informed about your options, though, and Google is making sure you know everything about what you can do with your energy bill.


The company announced that it’s launching an information hub about the energy crisis on Search in order to make the most relevant information easier for anyone to find. Now, if you search the terms “Europe energy crisis” and “energy prices,” you’ll be able to find curated info about the crisis, including cost-saving tips, details on benefit programs, and warm shelter locations from your national government. The hub will also show you other tips and information sourced from the International Energy Agency and other government agencies.

Google Search Europe Energy Crisis

This hub is live in 22 languages across 29 countries with results coming from each government, i.e., if you’re searching from the United Kingdom, it’ll show information sourced from the British government, and the same analogue goes for if you’re in France. Breaking news headlines about the crisis will also top the search results when they develop.

If you live in a supported European country, make sure you’re up to date and taking action. Not only might you save a few Euros on gas or electric this cold season, you might be able to help keep the heat on for those who most need it.

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