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“It’s not very playable” – Sykkuno reviews Among Us VR, claims he ‘got really’ sick after playing

During a livestream on November 12, YouTube Gaming star Thomas “Sykkuno” opined on the newly released Among Us VR.

Sykkuno was critical of the game, claiming that the VR experience made him sick. He also stated that the social deduction game in the virtual environment was “not very playable”:

“It was fun, but I do think, just in terms of playabality, it’s not very playable. ‘Once a month’? I ain’t even sure if that’s going to happen. I think everybody just got sick and yeah, it’ “ll be tough. And that’s ignoring all the technical difficulties.”

Sykkuno claims to play Among Us VR was a “struggle” and says it’s a challenging game to play on stream

At the one-minute mark of his November 12 broadcast, the former Twitch streamer recalled a previous livestream, during which he played Among Us VR with fellow content creators.

He discussed his gaming experience and stated that he was unsure whether the streamer group would play the game shortly:

“We played VR Among Us yesterday. It was actually pretty fun, but I got really sick. Honestly, I don’t know, like, who didn’t get sick is a better question. So I’m not sure… I’m going to be honest, I don’t know if we’re even going to play again. Just because of how many people got sick.”

Sykkuno then suggested that the VR game was unplayable. He stated that he had fun playing it once. However, the title was “challenging” to play on stream:

“But if you throw that in, it was just a struggle. It was fun for the one time though. I do think it’ll just be very difficult to play. So yeah.”

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Viewers asked the Las Vegas native if he had tested the game’s motion sickness feature. Sykkuno confirmed this, stating that he had previously played other VR games without getting sick. He stated:

“‘Did you check the thing for…?’ Yeah, I took the thing for motion sickness and I just was still very, very sick. Not great. Yeah so, not a game I think most people will be able to play. I don’t think a single person didn’t feel sick after playing. And this is; I’ve played other VR games before like, the one where you like, cook food and stuff like that. And I did not get sick doing that. So I’m pretty sure, I don’ t know what it is with Among Us, but yeah, it was definitely just Among Us. It was not good.”

The discussion continued with Sykkuno mentioning that the game would be enjoyable if one ignored all of its flaws and burst out laughing. He continued further by saying that streamers could play the VR title for two hours at most:

“The problem is, getting that many people together with all the technical difficulty. Plus just feeling sick. The fact is, guys, what’s it called? If we do VR Among Us, we can only stream for like, one, maybe two hours and then we’re sick for the rest of the day. So that’s kind of a problem. You can’t stream like, two hours and then, that’s it!”

Fans react to Sykkuno’s experience playing Among Us VR

The YouTube comments section featured a few fan reactions, including one viewer claiming that Sykkuno’s bad experience in Among Us VR could’ve been due to constantly moving objects in low lighting conditions:

Fans in the YouTube comments section reacting to the streamer's experience playing Among Us VR (Image via Zero Twitch/YouTube)
Fans in the YouTube comments section reacting to the streamer’s experience playing Among Us VR (Image via Zero Twitch/YouTube)

Sykkuno is one of the most popular personalities in the streaming world. He started his livestreaming career on Twitch and switched to YouTube Gaming earlier this year.

His main channel currently has 2.89 million subscribers with more than 367 million video views.

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