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Man Designs “Creative” Resume For A Job At Google, Internet Amazed

The resume is designed in the dark mode of Google Chrome.

While applying for jobs, resumes are considered one of the most important documents, which gives a potential employer a work profile of the candidate. Jobseekers are often told to present their qualifications on the resume in a manner that will make them stand apart from the rest of the applicants and help them reach the interview stage. In one such incident, a man designed a resume in such a creative manner that it grabbed many eyeballs on social media.

A LinkedIn user Aditya Sharma, who is the Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer at HiCounselor, outlined a resume in a manner which garnered heaps of praises from many on the platform. The resume appears to be a design of Google search results with education and work experience as the sub-headings. The template also had search bars and links that displayed his educational background and skills. One can also notice the design is made in the dark mode of Google Chrome.

While sharing the image, he wrote, “Google is the dream company of many, but they are extremely selective. So, I have come up with a creative version of a Google dark theme resume. Do you think this resume will attract recruiters’ attention ? I used Figma to create this design. Please let me know your feedback.”

He shared the post on November 13 and since then it has received over 11,000 likes and 58 reposts. Several people commented on the unique design template.

“Aditya Sharma I have so many people in a queue looking forward to use your template. Kindly share it soon,” said one user.

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A second added, “Your idea and this version of resume is creative and commendable, but keeping in mind, resumes and cover letters are often printed and filed , whereas dark theme is not print and paper friendly, your content won’t be visible! !”

“Fantastic piece work,” commented a third user.

Another user added, “Such a creative idea! Could you share, please? It perfectly plays that ‘Did you mean’ thing. It also subtly suggests using those page numbers that “There’s much more” And literally EVERYONE knows where to look for what on a google search results page! One genuine question though. Why did you choose dark theme? Wouldn’t bright theme be not more impactful?”

Mr Sharma has also made resume templates for various other companies like Amazon and Netflix.

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