Massive Token Burn paired with Ultra-Burn Utility makes the most bullish DAO since Curve and Uniswap

Massive Token Burn paired with Ultra-Burn Utility makes the most bullish DAO since Curve and Uniswap

Major burns usually mean one thing: Major upward price action. Uniglo has caught the market’s attention since the team announced that the DAO voted to burn all remaining tokens leftovers from presale. Read on to find out more about this ambitious new project. Burn Proposal

Uniglo is set to launch on Ethereum Network very soon. The hallmark of the project is intense burning. Aside from the large-scale burn on launch, Uniglo has impressive burning tokenomics that entice many new buyers to the GLO community. GLO benefits from an Ultra-Burn mechanic, which destroys a small percentage of the token each time it is bought, sold, and traded. This keeps GLO deflationary, as the value naturally rises with each increment as the pool of available funds continues shrinking.

It is exciting to think of the potential value of such a token for long-term holders. Pair this with an ingenious use-case: The Uniglo community votes as a DAO to hold any imaginable asset: NFTs, cryptocurrency, gold, fine art, class cars, collectibles… The possibilities are endless. As the community grows, so does the collection of loot, while at the same time, the quantity of GLO is ever-decreasing. It is easy to see why Uniglo is enjoying such a successful presale.


CRV allows swapping between stable tokens. It rewards users for lending to liquidity pools. In addition, CRV holders may vote for which pools CRV emissions are directed to, boosting particular pools and profits and encouraging other users to stake there. CRV has been hovering around approximately $1 for several months and is struggling to break through with any kind of positive price action.


Uniswap is an exchange that oversees the swapping of tokens based on the Ethereum Network without the need for a centralized intermediary. Users aren’t required to deposit their tokens, which may then be subject to security risks. This has been a great concern of late, with several leading exchanges suffering catastrophic hacks. Uniswap is the leading DEX, but liquidity is sometimes poor as it relies on its community to provide it.


The investors who will gain the most from Uniglo are those who join early and hold long-term to get the maximum benefit from the Ultra-Burn device and appreciation of treasure in the Uniglo Vault. Join the presale now before the massive burn on launch sends the price sky-high.

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