On World Kindness Day, an outpouring of common appeal on the Internet.  See tweets |  World News

On World Kindness Day, an outpouring of common appeal on the Internet. See tweets | World News

On World Kindness Day, greetings poured out on social media, spreading a single message. Various government departments, officials, private organizations, and multinational companies took to social media to greet everyone on this occasion, sending out a common appeal – ‘Be kind’.

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Why do we celebrate World Kindness Day?

The World Kindness Day -introduced in 1998 by the World Kindness Movement, a coalition of NGOs- is a global day to promote the importance of being kind to people around you, yourself, and to the world. It is observed internationally on November 13 every year. It reinforces the importance of compassion in linking everyone together and its power in bridging the gap between nations.

What’s new this year

The United Nations underscored the value of “small acts of compassion” in creating a better world and termed “love and solidarity” as tools for thriving in difficult times. The UN also defined how one can be kind ‘online’. “Pausing before sharing something online is an act of kindness and can help stop the spread of harmful misinformation,” wrote the international body, keeping in mind the increasing threat of misinformation and hatred on social media.

The UN Women highlighted the need for “women supporting women” and encouraged all to “speak up for equality.”

Shripad Y. Naik, Union minister of State for ports, shipping and waterways, on Twitter wrote, “Life becomes easier and more beautiful when we can see the good in other people and be kind”.

Appreciating the efforts of railway employees, the ministry of railways shared its unique message to celebrate kindness.

Raising awareness against animal cruelty and reminding that it is a punishable offence, Rajasthan’s Dholpur police wrote “Violence against animals is unjust from the point of view of humanity.”

Karnataka’s forest department posted a breathtaking video of nature’s beauty with wild animals being its crucial part with a message to be “kind towards nature which is always kind to us”.

Many global companies like Dominos, Amazon’s Alexa, and Xiaomi also extended their greetings on the occasion.


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