Panamorph receives US patent for next generation VR display technologies

Panamorph receives US patent for next generation VR display technologies

New compact arrangement leverages advances in pancake lenses and waveguide displays for dramatically higher wide-field image quality using less than 99% of the power required for traditional VR displays

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo., Nov. 17, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Panamorph, Inc., the world’s leading manufacturer of anamorphic projection optics for consumer applications, today announced it has received a first patent for its new developments in wearable displays. “R&D for compact, ergonomic, high performance wearable displays has been in Panamorph’s DNA for many years,” commented Shawn Kelly, Panamorph’s founder. “For many companies pursuing the multi-billion dollar applications market for VR and AR, a low power, high clarity, wide field yet compact display solution has been the missing link. We’re excited about how this new approach brings together the latest technologies in magnifiers and waveguides to combine the strengths of both industry developments for everyone’s benefit.”

Panamorph’s Modulated SubPupil (MSP) technology leverages eye tracking to turn off light missing the eye pupil center, dramatically increasing edge-to-edge image clarity and contrast while reducing power usage and heat by over 99%. The company has filed multiple US and international patent applications for its technologies with the first patent granted as US 11,493,773B2. While MSP technologies apply generically to different types of magnifiers and lighting systems, a combination of pancake (ie catadioptric) lens and waveguide projector with an LED lighting array is the primary focus. The company plans to continue developments of the new technology in collaboration with license or acquisition partners for ultimate product integration.

SOURCE Panamorph, Inc.


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