Snowflake unveils new performance innovations and enhanced cross-cloud capabilities

Snowflake unveils new performance innovations and enhanced cross-cloud capabilities

Snowflake has introduced performance enhancements that make the product faster for all customers, with economic improvements. Additionally, Snowflake’s Snowgrid tech enables customers to operate at global scale with enhancements across cross-cloud collaboration.

Snowflake announced during its Data Cloud World Tour new innovations to its Snowflake data cloud platform that improves the economic value for customers. Transparent performance enhancements mean Snowflake is faster, and given Snowflake bills on a time/consumption basis, this can result in lower costs and greater value out of purchased credits.

Additionally, Snowflake is advancing its cross-cloud Snowgrid capability. This is a technology layer that interconnects clouds and regions, and powers Snowflake’s collaboration, data governance, and business continuity. These improvements enable customers to further streamline collaboration with richer experiences and privacy-preserving controls, automate data protections, and expand the scope of replication for seamless failover.

Performance improvements include:

  • Faster queries: With Query Acceleration Service (now in public preview), Snowflake will accelerate outsized queries by providing a burst of additional resources without needing to scale up overall compute. Customers also get improved query efficiency with join elimination (generally available), alongside multiple improvements to Search Optimization for faster searches and point lookups.
  • Cost optimization: With new account usage details customers can more easily run cost/benefit analysis of services for Auto-Clustering and Search Optimization. Specifically, customers will be able to determine the magnitude and impact of data loads or modifications on tables through new history views (private preview) and lower costs with Search Optimization now supporting column selection (public preview) for data optimized for searches. Additionally, customers can now analyze long-running and time-consuming queries more easily and identify and resolve performance problems before they impact the end user through programmatic access to query metrics (private preview).

One customer seeing the benefits already is DoorDash, whose head of data engineering and business intelligence Vaibhav Jajoo said, “DoorDash has continued its growth in terms of product innovation and geographical distribution over the last few years. With this growth, our data volumes have exploded We are collecting new data points, ideating and experimenting with new business ideas, and generating new insights. We were looking for a scalable data infra partner who can scale and grow with our growth. Snowflake has turned out to be that partner for us. Snowflake has been able to work with us to scale to our data needs, and address our complex business requirements.”

Cross-cloud collaboration improvements include:

  • Listings for private sharing: New listing discovery controls (public preview) deliver fine-grain controls for providers to list data privately, making it easier to share and collaborate internally and externally while preserving privacy. Providers can customize listings and offer usage-based pricing, while consumers get more visibility into listings with usage and query examples, as well as categorisations.
  • Streamlined access to data shared cross-cloud: Using cross-cloud auto-fulfilment (public preview), providers can make data immediately accessible and up-to-date for consumers, without manual intervention.
  • Richer usage analytics: Providers now have access to robust programmatic and visualized insights (public preview) to better understand how listings are accessed and used, in turn helping them deliver improved offerings and customer experiences.

Cross-cloud data governance improvements include:

  • Automated data protection: Tag-based masking (generally available) can automatically assign a designated policy to sensitive columns using tags, further strengthening data protection and simplifying policy change management at scale.
  • Accelerated searches on masked data: Search Optimization now supports tables with masking and row access policies (private preview), so customers can take full advantage of Snowflake’s performance while maintaining privacy and compliance.

Cross-cloud business continuity improvements include:

  • Seamless pipeline failover: In addition to replicating accounts, databases, policies, and metadata in Snowflake, customers can now replicate Streams and Tasks (public preview), so data pipelines can seamlessly work on secondary Snowflake accounts.
  • Streamlined setups: Customers will be able to easily set up, manage, and failover account replication through an intuitive UI (private preview), including the ability to streamline configurations for sources, destinations, replication objects, and replication intervals.

“Our success is predicated on our customers being successful when using Snowflake, which is why we continually strive to deliver improved performance and economic value for customers,” said Snowflake senior vice president of product Christian Kleinerman. “With one single product, we can innovate faster, and deliver improvements that enable our customers with a unified experience across clouds and regions, so they can protect their data at cloud scale, operate more efficiently, and collaborate globally in new ways to further mobilize their data.”


Hybrid cloud promises to bring together the best of both worlds enabling businesses to combine the scalability and cost-effectiveness of the cloud with the performance and control that you can get from your on-premise infrastructure.

Reducing WAN latency is one of the biggest issues with hybrid cloud performance. Taking advantage of compression and data deduplication can reduce your network latency.

Research firm, Markets and Markets, predicted that the hybrid cloud market size is expected to grow from US$38.27 billion in 2017 to US$97.64 billion by 2023.

Colocation facilities provide many of the benefits of having your servers in the cloud while still maintaining physical control of your systems.

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