The Pixel 7a will reportedly arrive with a 90Hz display, wireless charging, and a better camera

It’s early, but we’re already getting information about Google’s Pixel 7a. The handset will reportedly have a 90Hz screen, new camera, and more.

The Google Pixel 6a was a pretty good handset, of course, like any phone, there are always things that can be improved. But for the price, especially at its discounted rate, it’s a good way to get a phone that will always have the latest version of Android. While it will be quite some time until we see a successor, the news is now trickling out, giving us our first glimpse of what to expect with the Pixel 7a.

As of now, the Pixel 7a is being worked on under the codename “lynx”, which we first reported on back in September. According to Kuba Wojciechowski, who has been known in the past to report early and accurate information, has shared that the upcoming Google Pixel 7a will come with a 90Hz display, wireless charging capabilities, and an all-new rear camera.

Wojciechowski discovered this information by digging into the camera drivers and found that “lynx” was indeed linked to a mid-range handset with its camera setup being called “Pixel 22 Mid-range.” Google is apparently making updates to the driver, with its most recent change removing the reference to GN1, which was a moniker used for the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro and its Samsung sensor.

As the driver gets more fleshed out and its placeholders removed, the revised code takes away the telephoto seen previously, and now it just shows two cameras, “l10_wide” (IMX787) and “l10_UW” (IMX712). The Pixel 6a currently makes use of the Sony IMX363 sensor, and if the new driver information can be relied on, it looks like that will be changed to the Sony IMX787 sensor, which should be a great improvement.

In addition to the information above, it appears that the upcoming handset will most likely come with wireless charging. This is quite exciting, considering that none of the previous Pixel a-series devices have come with the ability to charge wirelessly. For a bit of bad news, as of now, according to what’s being reported by Wojciechowski, it looks like the wireless charging speed will be limited to just 5W. Of course, this could change, but if it doesn’t, at least it’s better than nothing.

As far as the last major change, Wojciechowski wasn’t able to share a source but did say that the upcoming Pixel 7a will make use of a 90Hz 1080p panel from Samsung. Of course, this is all quite exciting, and if all the improvements come fruition, Google could have a fairly attractive mid-range handset on its hands if it also manages to offer the Pixel 7a at a sub-$450 price.

Source: Kuba Wojciechowski (Twitter)

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