Uniglo.io exceptional token burn could lead it to redefine deflationary tokens the way Shiba Inu and BNB did before

Uniglo.io exceptional token burn could lead it to redefine deflationary tokens the way Shiba Inu and BNB did before

Uniglo recently shocked the crypto world by announcing a revolutionary burn event after its official launch from pre-sale in just a few days. This will take its deflationary power to a whole new level and help reshape the possibilities for deflationary crypto. It’s already up considerably during pre-sale, but experts think it could surge even higher after launch when more mainstream investors catch on.

Uniglo follows in the footsteps of other deflationary powerhouses like SHIB and BNB but takes things even further. While SHIB and BNB could still be solid options to help fight the planet’s worsening inflationary concerns, they don’t offer the power GLO brings to the table. Here’s why:

Uniglo (GLO) burn could redefine the deflationary crypto world

Uniglo draws on some of the ideas implemented by other cryptos to take its deflationary strength to the next level. It will buy back tokens over time to destroy alongside burning some tokens on every transaction. But it’s GLO’s exceptional token burn event that has everyone talking, rocketing the token’s status to become one of the best to invest in right now. After its official launch, GLO will destroy every leftover pre-sale token, sending profits into the sky for early investors. It’s not too late to become one of those early investors and enjoy incredible gains by buying GLO immediately.

How did Binance Coin (BNB) redefine deflationary tokens?

Alongside giving investors easy passive income gains at the click of a button, Binance Coin (BNB) was one of the first tokens to implement a revolutionary “buy-back and burn” model, helping redefine the industry. This works in a similar way to GLO’s ultra-burn mechanic, but GLO takes things a step further with its one-off launch burn event. That’s why GLO could be the perfect choice.

What about Shiba Inu (SHIB)?

Many think that SHIB is just a memecoin, but it’s actually got a lot more deflationary strength than that. Initial price gains dwarfed inflation rates by a considerable margin, meaning early holders’ portfolios surged past any losses they might have incurred from devaluing fiat currencies. But SHIB also carries out large token burns and rewards holders for contributing tokens to them, helping redefine how the crypto world can help combat inflationary concerns.


BNB and SHIB both helped redefine the deflationary crypto world, coming up with real solutions to growing inflation. But GLO goes a step further and will bring deflationary strength to millions of investors across the planet with the perfect answer to mainstream hyperinflation.

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