Update on Straight Talk Home Internet: It's amazing!

Update on Straight Talk Home Internet: It’s amazing!

So here is a two weeks update on the Straight Talk Home Internet service. I have to say, when everything is working, this is an amazing service from Tracfonewhich is own by Verizon.

In my experience, I will address the bad things first: you have to pay for the 5G Home Internet Router before you can even use their service. This device is $99, and may actually discourage people from trying out the service. This is a hard sell, because if you decide to not continue with their $45 home internet service, you are going to have to eat that $100.

The Straight Talk router does not have a very good range. For example, I’m using my desktop computer downstairs and it would barely connect. When it does connect, I’m reduced to 10% of the speed that was promised. I have solved that problem by upgrading to a TP Link‘s WiFi 6 Deco 6000. Since using the mesh network, I’ve consistently experienced over 80 to 100mbps downloads and 10 uploads.

If you want to maximum the best WiFi access, is that your computer or device needs to have the latest WiFi chip to benefit from WiFi 6’s speed.

You also need to live in a location that can benefit from Verizon’s 5G service… so it might not be ideal for you if you don’t live near a Verizon 5G tower or if you are roaming in a mobile home. For mobile internet, I would recommend just getting the $30 Visible (also own by Verizon) phone service and using the hotspot. That makes more sense to me than maybe having a router that won’t always work based on your location.

Anyway, so far, I’ve experienced 80-100 average speed. It’s probably because in my area, fewer people are using the Straight Talk Home Internet network. This might all change if more people in my area sign up… but right now, based on my location and usage, it’s been very good for me.

You have to understand that I am coming from very slow first generation of Cable Internet (4mbps) and DSL (4mbps). I was paying as little as $35 to as much as $75 (Comcast) for very slow internet speed. Plus, with Comcast (now Xfinity), they had put a data cap on their service. So, getting 100mbps for $45, with no data cap, was a massive upgrade for me. For the first time, I can freely download all the games for my PC and Steam Deck, and stream in 4k, without worrying about a data cap. Things that I couldn’t do before, such as GeForce Now (which I couldn’t use in 2019)… that’s all possible now with my fast internet connection.

The service may not be for everyone. Perhaps you’re paying less or getting much faster speed (such as Fiber), but for my situation and location… this Straight Talk Home Internet is just perfect for my needs. I would highly recommend it.


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