Viral video: Cop controls traffic in unique way; leaves internet impressed

Viral video shows traffic cop managing traffic in a unique manner

One of the most difficult jobs in the world can be managing traffic on the roads. Provided with the task of directing both traffic and pedestrians, and further preventing any mishaps, traffic police officers indeed carry out a challenging duty. While the job requires huge patience and alertness, one can also make their work look fun and enjoy it to the fullest. One such thing was recently witnessed in a viral video where a traffic cop can be seen managing the vehicles in a unique manner while showing off his flexible moves.

The video was shared by a Twitter handle named Buitengebieden on Wednesday. As we can see in the video, the traffic cop stands in the middle of a narrow point on the road, gesturing to the pedestrians and then to the vehicles at the same time. However, it is his lively and jolly antics that catch one’s attention. The cop can be seen jumping and swerving from one side to another while making way for the cars.

The video with the caption, “He just loves his job…” is already winning hearts.

Watch it here:

While the location of the clip is not yet known, many in the comment section claimed that the footage is from a city in Japan. One wrote, “It’s nice to see someone taking so much pride in his job, and he made it fun!”, while another commented, “He just loves to play with his lightsaber.”

A third user wrote, “It might be a good thing to have more interesting people in the world.”

Check some comments:

Notably, the video came days after another similar video surfaced on the internet where a traffic cop was seen maneuvering traffic in a unique manner. The incident was from Uttarakhand where the cop made use of his dancing skills and whistles to gesture to all the vehicles.

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