Retirement community uses virtual reality technology to train workers

Virtual reality helps caregivers of dementia patients

Browning Masonic Community uses a virtual reality system so staff can better understand dementia.

WATERVILLE, Ohio — A new tool at a local retirement home is helping staff better understand what it’s like to have dementia, and it turn, better serve its residents.

The virtual reality system from Embody Labs allows the caregiver to become someone with dementia and experience the challenges they face each day.

Staff at Browning Masonic Community in Waterville have been trained on the technology.

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“We use it for dementia training. We also use it to help our caregivers understand what macular degeneration is and how it affects people, end of life as well as Parkinson’s, Lewy Body Dementia as well,” Stephanie Brezina, Corporate Clinical Trainer for Browning Masonic Community said.

The staff at the retirement community say it’s been a beneficial training tool.

“You actually get to experience their hearing, their seeing, everything that they’re seeing. And it’s not just their mind. Everything’s declining, so it’s a big whirlwind for them,” Yolanda Estrada said. She’s and LPN and Certified Dementia Practitioner for Browning Masonic Community.

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Browning Masonic Community is hosting an event for the community to see the technology firsthand.

The event is on Tuesday, Nov. 15 at 1 pm You must call 419-878-4055 for a reservation.


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